Thoughts on Thursday – The Doctor says “Go Know Yourself!”

Great quote from Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones about knowing and honoring your God given uniqueness,The Doctor and really it’s a double edged sword because it criticizes “universal” application of rules when approaching life and godliness and how to grow in such. I think there are many people who have been taught “application” more so than “principles” – and I know I’m guilty of teaching that way myself. But its good to be reminded of the truth.

I already have quite an extensive “To Read” book list for next year (excluding seminary stuff); but I think I’m going to have to squeeze some of The Doctor in there.  Thanks to Justin Buzzard for the original post (here) and Colin Adams over at Unashamed Workman for the link. Here’s a sample quote:

I am an opponent of universal set rules for all. Nothing is more important than that a man should get to know himself. I include in that that the should get to know himself physically as well as temperamentally and in other respects. I say this because there are those who would prescribe a programme for a preacher and minister; they tell him when to get up in the morning, what to do before breakfast, and what to do later and so on. They do not hesitate to draw up systems and programmes and to advocate these, and indeed almost to suggest that, if a man does not follow such a programme, he is a sinner and a failure. I have always been an opponent of such ideas and for this reason, that we are all different, and that you cannot lay down a programme of this nature for everybody.