What’s your plan?

As we come up to another new year, its always good to think about your plan – for your life, your family, your community, your church, etc.  All of it.  Being a pastor, December typically does not lend itself to procatively thinking thorugh these things, but I tend to take January as my time to sort some of these things out.

The one thing I do recommend thinking through before the new year hits is “What will be your plan for reading, engaging and staying connected to the Word of God?”  Last year I used the NIV 1 Year Reading Plan, and while it wasn’t my first time reading the Bible cover to cover, it was extremely helpful.

This year I’m planning on using a online/mobile App reading plan from YouVersion.  They have plenty to choose from, so I would encourage you to go here and pick the one that works best for you.  I’m leading towards either the Historical or Chronological Whole Bible plan.

So take a look, pick a plan, and stick to it.  Even better, find a couple of other people to do it with you and meet up once a week at a coffee shop or restaurant to talk about it together.  I couldn’t think of a better way to invest time in your spiritual growth than to read the Bible and discuss it with others.

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Husband and father of four, living in Mansfield, TX, serving as Lead Pastor of Christ Church Mansfield. Connect with us at www.christchurchmansfield.com I also provide research and social media consulting work for other pastors, churches, and ministry leaders. Contact me at gensheer@mac.com for more.

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