The Beauty of Jesus in the Mess of Our Lives

If you caught it, there is a subtle allusion to the Nickel Creek song “The Beauty and The Mess” that I see the quote below pick up and relate to the person and work of Jesus Christ. This theme runs rampant in lots of other musicians work (U2’s “Grace”, Johnny Cash’s cover and dare I say Nine Inch Nails original “Hurt“, even Mumford & Sons “The Cave“).


They gave him a manger for a cradle,
a carpenter’s bench for a pulpit,
thorns for a crown,

and a cross for a throne.


He took them and made them his glory.

– William E. Orchard

It’s the theme of the gospel, and it can be seen and read in every page of the Bible. The theme that God is able to bring such ugly, messed up, broken-down circumstances to a beautiful resolution.

It’s why it’s funny to me that what a lot of artists get as true, most people in church do not.

Most of us who go to church and would consider ourselves Christians, if we re honest with ourselves, functionally believe that God is really only in the good stuff – good circumstances, good relationships, good job situations, good family dynamics, etc. And so if anything is broken, messed up and ugly, God can’t have anything to do with it.

We functionally believe that if God is with us, everything should be going well, according to our definition of “well” and our interpretation of our circumstances.

The incarnation, life and death of Jesus Christ turns that wisdom on its head.


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