Deeper grace from before the dawn of time

Found this quote over at Of First Importance (Deeper grace from before the dawn of time | Of First Importance) and wanted to share it here.  This is why, I believe, you should study the Trinity.  It is not a mere theological topic to be discussed in a sterile, academic environment, or only for theology nerds who read obscure and obtuse authors.  It is foundational for understanding the Gospel, and the Gospel affects your life.  In a later post, I will add some thoughts and recommendations for books to study on this topic, but for now, enjoy this quote by Sinclair Ferguson:


Before all time; prior to all worlds; when there was nothing ‘outside of’ God Himself; when the Father, Son, and Spirit found eternal, absolute, and unimaginable blessing, pleasure, and joy in Their holy triunity — it was Their agreed purpose to create a world. That world would fall. But in unison — and at infinitely great cost — this glorious triune God planned to bring you (if you are a believer) grace and salvation.

This is deeper grace from before the dawn of time. It was pictured in the rituals, the leaders, and the experiences of the Old Testament saints, all of whom longed to see what we see. All this is now ours. Our salvation depends on God’s covenant, rooted in eternity, foreshadowed in the Mosaic liturgy, fulfilled in Christ, enduring forever. No wonder Hebrews calls it ‘so great a salvation’ (Heb. 2:3).

Sinclair B. Ferguson, In Christ Alone, (136)


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