RTBY Day 11 – Genesis 25: Despising Significance For a Path of Least Resistance

Today’s reading in Genesis 25-26 covered the account of the birth of Isaac’s twin sons, Esau and Jacob.  I knew this story.  There wasn’t anything that shockingly new today.

Other than I wondered what would have happened had Esau not given up his birthright?

He had a choice. And he chose to give it up for a bowl of soup.

That’s it.

The firstborn son.  Who would have inherited all the privileges and responsibilities of being the families patriarch gives it up because he is hungry.

Sure, Jacob exploits the situation for his own advantage. But he takes something that was significant from someone else who was despising it.

Esau didn’t just give up a share of an inheritance.  Esau didn’t just abdicate his responsibility to his family.

He gave up his place in being part of what God was doing in and through his family.

He was turning his back on being part of the divine answer to the human problem.

He was giving up being part of the blessed people who in turn seek to be a blessing to others.

Esau despised the significance of his birthright for the simple path of least resistance.

For Further Thought:

1. What was an example of you choosing one thing at the expense of another thing?  How did you feel about the choice afterwards?

2. Do you ever consider the full consequences of some of your decisions?  That a simple choice for this thing over here means a giving up of this thing over there?

3. Abraham’s family was “blessed to be a blessing.”  As Christians, we find ourselves with the same calling, as Jesus Christ came as the true child of Abraham.  What are some of the ways we (collectively) and you (individually) abdicate our responsibility – our birthright – of being a people “blessed” by God in order to “be a blessing to others”?


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