RTBY Day 4: God is the God of Do-Overs (Genesis 9)

You have to love this episode in the Bible. Noah and his family leaving the ark. God has just “wiped the slate clean” (the flood) and now has another man on the ground.

What do you think you would tell Noah if you were God?

“Listen little man, you’ve just witnessed what I am capable of regarding people who disobey me. And I’ve learned from that experience. I want you to do something completely different…completely foreign to anything that has come before.”

That’s what I might have said. But God goes a different, even unexpected route…

even though it is completely familiar.

God tells Noah to do the exact same thing He told Adam in Genesis 1-2.

“And God blessed Noah and his sons and said to them,

“Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth.” – Genesis 9:1

God is into do-overs.

Not, “Learn from your mistakes and do something different.”

Not, “Man is still fallen, so don’t have anything to do with them.”

God says, “I have wiped the slate clean. And I still want you to do and be what I’ve created you to do and be.”

Noah is supposed to do the same thing Adam was supposed to do. At this point it didn’t involve a tree of life, but it did still involve being fruitful and multiplying in the earth, filling it and subduing it.

Noah was to be an image bearer of God, or as I have grown accustomed to saying, Noah was to be “God’s man on the ground.”

God is the God of do-overs.

Thoughts for Further Reflection

1. Have you ever considered that God’s restart with Noah after the flood is really the same basic idea He had in mind with Adam?

2. How would this affect your understanding of what God wants from us, His creatures, and “men/women on the ground”?

3. Is there something in your life that makes you have a hard time believing God can forgive you, or do anything with you, because of it? If so, pray and trust it all to the God of do-overs.


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