The Flow of God’s Gifts

The following quote is great. I love Volf. His insights are penetrating and challenging. And a friend of mine, Jonathan McIntosh who is preaching on the topic of Consummation/Heaven this week made me think of this quote.

The flow of God’s gifts is not aimless spillage. It aims to create human givers and, after they have fallen into sin, to redeem them and finally, to glorify them in perfect communion with God and one another. The flow of gifts is God’s arms opened to the world, enabling us to partake of the gift exchange that makes up eternal divine life and supreme divine bliss. This is our best hope for the world to come: to “enjoy God” by receiving divine gifts and to enjoy one another in God in a perfect exchange of gifts with one another.” – Miroslav Volf, Free of Charge: Giving & Forgiving in a Culture Stripped of Grace

Of course some would object to Volf’s use of plural gifts instead of the singular gift, but that to me is splitting hairs. The gift God gives us in the Son effects multiple gifts to His people, some being reconciliation with God, reconciliation with one another, the ability to live new lives for His glory, etc.

Still, I leave this for you, the world to enjoy!


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