A New Literacy?

As hectic and fast paced as my life already is, I certainly hope that this quote does not reflect the totality of our future literary reality.

Sophisticated forms of collaborative “information foraging” will replace solitary deep reading; the connected screen will replace the disconnected book. [“People of the Screen” by Christine Rose, in The New Atlantis]

The “solitary deep reading” may be inconvenient, but its also  the only activity that actually makes me stop, ponder, wonder, think, and rest.

As much as I love technological advances, I need depth in my life, not just the collective breadth of common ignorance waxing eloquent on topics we just read as we scanned our Google reader.

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About Chris Gensheer

Husband and father of four, living in Mansfield, TX, serving as Lead Pastor of Christ Church Mansfield. Connect with us at www.christchurchmansfield.com I also provide research and social media consulting work for other pastors, churches, and ministry leaders. Contact me at gensheer@mac.com for more.

2 thoughts on “A New Literacy?

  1. Get your books on tape, an untapped market is theological text books I believe, and then you don’t have to stop, you can still ponder and think while multi-tasking, and as Warren Zevon so eloquently put it… I’ll sleep when I am dead. Who needs rest!! All kidding aside, there is something about entering into a prolonged argument or a story of some sort. I wonder what the neuro-chemical consequence is would be from people not reading anymore? It might be interesting to study what sort of characteristic differences emerged after the printing press came into existence? I wonder how reading novels effects our self concept, or how we function in relationships, or self control or other pyschological and sociological factors??


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