Noboy’s a Nobody and An Arrow Needs a Bow

Miroslav VolfI recently came across a great article by Miroslav Volf called “The Ultimate Somebody” reflecting on the recent passing of a friend and major influence on his life, a friend named is Toma.  Here is a snippet. I would highly recommend reading the whole thing here.

Can an arrow forget the bow that set it flying? Many an arrow does, even though its very flight is a testimony to the bow’s influence. It is especially easy to forget the shaping power of those whom illness takes out of the company of the “sane” and the “respectable.” But even when I fail to remember how formative Toma was for me, the trajectory of my life is a silent memorial to him. Maybe his was a truly Christian way of being somebody—being a bow for the flight of another.

And, if you’re looking for a good book to read around Christmas holidays, I would say that his book Exclusion and Embrace makes a great read, and a great gift!  You can buy it here.


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