Personal Reflection Tool (Part 2)- Moved Affections

A very wise and humble guy

A very wise and humble guy

So, part 2 of this series is entitled “Moved Affections.”  I got this from a podcast interview between Joshua Harris, Jeff Purswell and C.J. Mahaney over at the Soveriegn Grace Ministries blog.

In this interview, C.J. Mahaney brought up a good point, and something worth asking regularly.  He said that if he were sitting across from a pastor who is tired, he would try to distinguish between them being physcially tired, or spiritually weary.

One way to do that is to uncover what has affected them lately.  Is there a presence or absence of affections for the Savior and His work for you (I’m paraphrasing here). One way you can check this for yourself is to ask, “During corporate worship, am I moved when singing to the Savior of his work on my behalf?”  If not, then you probably need to do some heart/soul reflection.  It is imperative as pastors, but also just as children of God, “to keep a close watch on our life” as well as our doctrine, (1 Tmothy 4:16)

From this, along with some of the other articles and insights I was gathering, I compiled a brief bullet point list of things to consider along these lines.  So here is Part 2 of my Regular Reflection Grid: Moved Affections (You can read Part 1 here).

II.    Spiritual Affections: What has moved (affected) me this week?  Am I numb or sensitive to:

a.    God:  who God is – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – and how he has revealed himself.
b.    The Gospel: what God has done on my behalf, and behalf of the world.
c.    Relationships: the people God has put close to and around me.
d.    Concerns: the state and welfare of others I have been made aware of.


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