Urban Legend #1 – Urban = Diverse

According to conventional wisdom of our day, if you want to live in an area with the attributes of density and diversity, move to an urban environment.  But it turns out that the urban center may be only comprised of 1 of those factors.

The following quote explains (taken from a post over at sub*text):

Perhaps it is because many people who choose to live in the city want to live a certain “sophisticated” lifestyle, either among people who think like they do, or away from other people who don’t, and this is strongly associated with specific modes of thought and views of the world; whereas, many people who live in the suburbs just want to live in peace, and that characteristic is found among every demographic. Everyone is different here, and they always have been.

For more of this article, click here and read the rest of the post.  If you are interested in what life and ministry looks like in a suburban context, check out the sub*text blog and subscribe to their feed.  Joe Thorn and Steve McCoy always have good insights to share, and this site is focused on missional living in suburbia.

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