Personal Reflection and Regular Evaluation (Part 1)

Great book for cultivating a healthy soul

Great book for cultivating a healthy soul

I spent my day yesterday taking a much needed “sabbath” day.  I have been convinced and convicted of my need to take some form of regular time to process my heart, reflect on the care and nature of my soul, and just rest, refuel and recharge.

I too often keep going and going and never really rest.  So, Maggie and I purposely built into our monthly calendar 1 day (approx. 12-14 hours) where I just go and get away from the house and the seminary and spend time reflecting and processing some of these things.

The challenge with this is actually utilizing the time to rest and reflect.  So I of course had taken a few tools with me.  One was the book Emotionally Healthy Spirituality by Peter Scazzero (which I highly recommend).  I took some notes from this book, in addition to some other material (which I will be sharing over the next week or two in subsequent postings), and created a template that I will be using on a weekly basis to do some “quick stop” evaluation.

Here is Part 1: Emotional Evaluation

I.    Emotional: What emotions are you experiencing or have experienced in a pronounced way this week? What instigated these emotions?

a.    Anger: fury, hostility, irritability, annoyance
b.    Sadness: grief, self-pity, despair, dejection, loneliness
c.    Fear: anxiety, edginess, nervousness, fright, terror, apprehension
d.    Enjoyment: joy, relief, contentment, delight, thrill, euphoria, ecstasy
e.    Love: acceptance, trust, devotion, adoration
f.    Surprise: shock, amazement, wonder
g.    Disgust: contempt, scorn, aversion, distaste, revulsion
h.    Shame: guilt, remorse, humiliation, embarrassment

Look for more segments, as well as what resources I found helpful, in forthcoming posts.

[If you would like to know or find out  about Peter Scazzero and his ministry, go to the website Emotionally Healthy for more.]


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