Monday Stuff

Here are some links to recent articles and posts I have found interesting over this past week on the web:

Tim Challies reviews Bart Ehrman’s new book God’s Problem: How the Bible Fails to Answer Our Most Important Question—Why We Suffer.  Worth checking out (especially if you won’t read Ehrman’s book on its own).  I always find Tim’s reviews helpful.  Plus his sight The Discerning Reader is a great site and resource.

Graeme Goldsworthy lectures at Southern Seminary on the necessity and application of Biblical Theology – both in the seminary and the pulpit. (I admit, I have not listened to these yet, but I plan to this week). [Thanks to Justin Taylor for the link].

There’s an interesting post on how to assess and interview potential missional community leaders, thanks to Drew Goodmason of Kaleo Church in San Diego (Acts 29).  I find Drew’s thoughts extremely insightful as a would be church planter in the somewhat foreseeable future.

This was actually a very insightful and helpful post from Zen Habits, on Emotional Intelligence. I usually think I am emotionally aware of myself and everyone else around me.  Time and experience continues to prove me wrong.  These little things help from time to time.

Oh yeah…and Tim Keller’s newest new book.  No, not this book, but this one.


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