Great Art and Transcendent Beauty

Sigur Ros – GlósóliThis is what music and art is supposed to do. Capture beauty and imagination in a way that transcends words (at least words we readily understand).After watching this, I can’t think of how to describe this song or this band. I admit, I teared up (a little). A friend mentioned this video to me last night and he expressed this question, “What would it be like for some of our corporate worship as the church to capture some of this same sense of awe, wonder, and beauty that Sigur Ros elicits with their music, and this video wonderfully captures?”I have not got the first clue how to answer that question…but I want to ponder it. Until then, enjoy, and listen to more Sigur Ros!


2 thoughts on “Great Art and Transcendent Beauty

  1. tender and evocative – expressive of something that does seem somehow to be beyond words – I wish these young men all the best in their endeavors, to continue to grow in their capacities…


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