Faded Jesus

So I just got back from a grueling thirteen hour drive in a budget rental truck.  A friend is moving to St. Louis from North Carolina.  Being the caring guy I am, I flew down to drive the truck back.  I learn something new every time I go on a road trip.  This time was no exception.There were many profundities that stood out to me as I watched traffic, looked down into other people’s cars, and considered my many pathologies in the alone time I had.  One of them was what I am calling Faded Jesus.For about an hour and a half somewhere around Paducah, Kentucky, I followed a real eighteen wheeler.  I say real in contrast to the poser truck I was driving.  On the back of this truck, some radically excited, evangelical brother had spray painted the word “Jesus.”  The thing is, someone had gone behind them in an effort to clean it off.  The combined effort of each individual resulted in a faded Jesus.  It was more obvious in some places than others.  At one point I found myself wondering if it said “Jerry.”  But, no, it was definitely “Jesus.”As I considered the ironic artistic bent of an evangelical vandal, I began to think about the areas of my own life where Jesus was more obvious than others.  More importanly I started asking myself what areas did I look more like “Jerry” than “Jesus.”I thought I would post that here, and let you ponder whether you look more like Jerry than you look like Jesus.


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