Some More Thoughts on Planting Gospel-Centered Churches – Strategic

R. Scott ClarkOne of my professor’s here at Covenant Seminary has said of some other well known and highly influential theologian that he so admires him simply because he (well known theologian who will remain nameless) is able to articulate something that he (CTS Professor) intuitively and exegetically knows, just so much more clearly and concisely.

I think R. Scott Clark might be my guy for that.

Here’s his second post on 3 Adjectives describing church planting and its need today. I blogged about the first one here.

Check out these quotes below, but read the whole thing here.

Here’s what I mean by strategic: we need to have a godly and wise plan for advancing the kingdom in our area through the planting of churches and that plan should involve the training of pastors, elders, and laity.


I believe that one reason why our churches are sometimes lackadaisical about church planting is that it is regarded as but one instrument among many for advancing the kingdom. The thinking seems to be that “Well, we have churches for our families and children, we have Christian schools for our children and others who might attend, and we support other agencies to do kingdom work.” The problem with this paradigm is that, as important as they are, Jesus did not institute Christian schools or the other agencies on which we rely to do “kingdom work.”

Preach preacher!!

Our older, larger, wealthier, more established churches need to strategically recruit, teach, and send out laity to local church planting projects and in, in this way, incrementally plant churches in the great metro areas of North America.

I love that Scott took it where he did. I’ve heard some churches talk in terms of “tithing” their people to local church planting works. I love it! Double Amen brother!!

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