Thoughts on Thursday – Dealing with Human Slavery today

I don’t have stats…I don’t have figures…I don’t even have long, complicated drawn out arguments.I just have a casual observation, and a simple point.  The observation:  human slavery exists today. If you want to question it, just ask yourself what makes movies like Blood Diamond or television shows like Law & Order: Special Victims Unit so compelling and painful to watch?  They’re based on real stories and circumstances that happen every single day.

The point?  Do something!  If you’re a Christian – pray!  Pray that God’s will would be on earth as it is in heaven.  And don’t over theologize it – just do it.  Its God’s desire that His creation reflect His intended purpose, and human abduction and slavery was not part of  it!  But don’t just pray generally; get somewhat informed.  Sign up for some newsletters, or subscribe to some good blogs feeds that help you get connected (Anthony Bradley does a pretty good job of this).  Visit several websites frequently (Polaris Project, International Justice Mission).

Maybe you can do more than pray and be informed. Perhaps you can actually give some money to some worthwhile cause.  Here’s something you could check out.

Click here

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