Posting While Away

To all the few and faithful, We are currently on “vacation” for the Christmas break, visiting my folks in Augusta, GA. So, I know I don’t post that often anyway, it will probably be even less so between now and January 5th. I will still try to post a couple of times (though it won’t be my top priority – my family needs some Daddy and Husband time while school is out of session), and I do have a couple of saved posts I can put up.However, let me direct you to a resource that is going on Today. Darrin Patrick, pastor of the Journey church (St. Louis, MO) and Vice President of Acts 29 church planting network, will be on a live video feed this afternoon. It will be concerning some aspects of the recent controversy regarding The Journey, Acts 29, Missouri Baptist Convention, and all the other entailments. Go to Steve McCoy’s blog to find out more and follow the link. Other than all that, I hope you all enjoy this Christmas season. I pray that it would be a time of refueling and refreshment, for myself and for all of you, as we think about Jesus, and spend time with those we love.


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