I really want Mark Driscoll to address this…

So, please, go here and vote for it a few times. 

#9 If salvation is by faith alone (Romans 3:28), then why are there so many verses that say or imply the opposite, namely that salvation is by works (James 2:24, Matthew 6:15 & 7:21, Galatians 5:19-21)  

I think that this would be interesting to see/hear how Driscoll approaches this.  I know he’s a Reformed, Calvinistic Evangelical – so there’s something he’s definitely going to say regarding “salvation.”  I think this question brings up other issues that aren’t explicitly about “salvation” as much as they are about the rest of our lives after the typical moment we label as that time when we were “saved.”  Anyway, I’d really like to hear him preach on this, so do me a favor and go there and vote!So, please, go here and vote for it a few times.  It’s a close race between it and the birth control question (Sorry for the formatting issues below)