Mark Driscoll on Humility

Man, I really liked Mark Driscoll before. I loved his ability to communicate truth clearly and fiercly. I can’t wait to see how God continues to use him as a man pursuing not only orthodoxy with strength and conviction, but also growing in humility. Not only is this video just a great 5 minute gut-level reality check for myself, it is also probably one of the most powerful forms of public repentance I’ve seen or experienced. Enjoy!

What is beauty?

I found out about these videos in my Intro to Counseling class today.  I had to share them.  They address a real problem we face everyday – “secular sermons” where we are all impacted and formed by our culture in ways that aren’t exactly healthy.

Check these out for a healthy corrective attempt to the problem [Caveat – I find it interesting that this comes from Dove, a company very much invested in the success of the beauty industry.  Shouldn’t the church be the ones tackling this problem?]: