Ask Anything

driscollGo to this site and vote for your favorite questions. This is for an upcoming series that Mars Hill Church in Seattle will preach through in the beginning of the year; we pick the questions, which will then be turned into topics and then Mark Driscoll and his teaching team will preach on those topics the first few weeks of 2008.

There are some great questions that would be interesting to hear Driscoll preach on. I don’t think the one about the rapture will get knocked out of the Top 10, but there are some other really good questions that are in contention. I’m actually pulling for the questions concerning Election and Baptism – just because those are topics I am studying and wrestling with, so I’d love to hear a preacher I respect and admire to address those issues. But figure out your own issues, go to the site, vote up to 10 times (either all different questions, or 10x for 1 if you wanted to), and lets see what Mark will preach on come 2008.

Click here to go to the Ask Anything site.


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