The “other” site

For any and all who are interested, we have a family website that we’ll be posting some pictures on, as well as some family updates.  We realize that everyone we’d like to keep up with may or may not be interested in the same content – thus, I’ve started this blog to post about current topics regarding what I’m learning and thinking about in terms of ministry, and we’ve started a family site with news and updates about the Gensheer family.

So go here and enjoy some recent pics of us out and about on Halloween!

Sex is for community

I recently heard a pastor say this at a lecture up at Covenant Theological Seminary (previous post here) and have been mulling this over a bit in my head. I think I get what he meant, but want to solicit your unbiased (by my thoughts) from anybody out there.

What do you think it means: sex is for community?