Gospel-Centered Sexuality – Session 1

These are the notes I took from the frist session of Scotty Smith’s “Gospel-Centered Sexuality” class. I found these things very helpful in understanding how the gospel transforms and re-orients my view of sexuality, and figure these might provide some interesting “springboards” for further thought. I’ll try to put up the Saturday sessions later on.

Friday PM: Session 1

Intro – Story-line of Scripture

• We’re not going back to Eden—we’re going to Paradise! The future (eschatology) is far better and grander than the beginning!
• We were made for a relationship and intercourse with, that can only be truly fulfilled in Jesus! (Quote in handout)
• Q: What is this, exactly? Sounds a little fruity to me? (referenced: “neither given or given into marriage” in Heaven/Paradise)
• Right Use—-Mis-Use—-Dis-Use—–Abuse of Sex
• Q: What does “dis-use” of sex drive at?
• A: So busy with life…or comfort…that sex, within marriage, is minimal, if not non-existent.

Song of Solomon 4-5

• The fact that we can’t read this “shame-free” is evidence that we live in a fallen world – we have been robbed of something precious to us!

Ephesians 5: 31-33

• Nothing else but the Gospel could ever give us the hope of being able to say, “I hold nothing back from you” [my finances, imagination, fears, tears, dream, hopes, hurst…genitalia]
• v. 32 – There is a fulfillment of Gen. 2 that is reserved alone for Jesus Christ
• Q: What is this “fulfillment”? Is it the idea of “shame-freeness” that you’re driving at?
• A: If you consider intercourse as genital-to-genital interaction, you’ve missed the point.
• Sex serves cleaving! (Wow, that makes sense). Sex has a context, and when we take it out of context, monsters are created.

Sex and Subversive Nature of the Gospel (from Tim Keller; also S. Smith, The Reign of Grace)

I Corinthians 6:12-7:40

• Paul isn’t just saying, “Stop sleeping around.” He is saying, “You were made for deep, connection with Jesus!”
• In a sense, you have to demote your human relationships in relation to your relationship with Jesus.
• Being the “bride” of Christ doesn’t just mean that we are faithful and not sleeping around, but that we are in love and fully engaged with our lover!

Nature of the Gospel

• Where does the true gospel become the real (functional) gospel in your life? (Great question!)
• “When Jesus died on the cross, He got down on one knee and proposed to us.” – anonymous
• Legal and Existential side of the Gospel
• “If all you have is the legal/penal side of the Gospel, you have the lyrics, but where is the music?”

Miscellaneous Thoughts:

• Sex is for community (needs more development)
• Eschatologically speaking, to speak of “intercourse” with Jesus is to refer to unlimited, unbounded, intimacy and communion with Him and His creation – the ultimate community; the grand city within a city!
• The Gospel (and Sex in the Context of the Gospel) is about giving not getting!
• We’ve got to learn to demote certain things in our lives and culture to line up with the Gospel – like money, sex, and power!
• Not suggesting to stop longing to be married, but to realize that our longings are only met and fulfilled in Jesus!

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