Redemptive Historical Sermon Preparation

This is an outline I created to help me with studying the Bible for preparing sermons. Just thought I would share it with any of you who would be interested.

Steps for Redemptive-Historical Exegesis and Contemporary Relevance (from Sidney Greidanus, Redemptive History and Preaching, pp. 9-18; Pre Rege reprint, in CCP Articles):

1. Select text with an eye to the needs of your congregation being addressed.
        • Ensures the goal of the sermon harmonizes with the goal of the text.
2. Discern the original goal of the biblical author
        • Why did the author write this passage to these people?
        • What needs did he address?
        • What responses did he seek?
3. Formulate the theme of the passage
        • What is the specific theme of the text?
        • what is the author’s message to his original audience? —> How are these different than #2
4. Formulate the theme of the sermon
        • Shift focus from the past
        • Trace the textual theme through the OT and NT
        • Continue tracing on into your present position in redemptive history (contemporary setting)
5. Formulate specific goal of the sermon (adapted)
        • Broad goal: the faith of the hearers and their salvation
        • Specific goals:
                • Do I seek to:
                        • call to faith?
                        • strengthen faith?
                        • encourage the weak?
                        • comfort the bereaved?
                        • correct the wayward/misguided
                        • give up to the despondent
                        • broaden the horizons of the narrow-minded?
                        • lift the burden of the legalist?
6. Start writing the sermon

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