Gospel Reminders/Thoughts on Thursday

SpurgeonThe Cross of Christ as D-Day for the believer!

From Of First Importance blog:

“Though Satan is not dead, yet Christ has so far broken his head that he has missed his mark altogether.

He intended to make the human race the captives of his power, but they are redeemed from his iron yoke. God has delivered many of them, and the day shall come when he will cleanse the whole earth from the serpent’s slimy trail, so that the entire world shall be full of the praises of God.

He thought that this world would be the arena of his victory over God and good, instead of which it is already the grandest theatre of divine wisdom, love, grace, and power. Even heaven itself is not so resplendent with mercy as the earth is, for here it is the Saviour poured out his blood, which cannot be said even of the courts of paradise above.

Moreover he thought, no doubt, that when he had led our race astray and brought death upon them, he had effectually marred the Lord’s work. He rejoiced that they would all pass under the cold seal of death, and that their bodies would rot in the sepulchre. Had he not spoiled the handiwork of his great Lord? God may make man as a curious creature with intertwisted veins and blood and nerves, and sinews and muscles, and he may put into his nostrils the breath of life; but, ‘Ah,’ saith Satan, ‘I have infused a poison into him which will make him return to the dust from which he was taken.’

But now, behold, our Champion whose heel was bruised has risen from the dead, and given us a pledge that all his followers shall rise form the dead also. Thus is Satan foiled, for death shall not retain a bone, nor a piece of a bone, of one of those who belonged to the woman’s seed. At the trump of the archangel from the earth and from the sea they shall arise, and this shall be their shout, ‘O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?’ Satan, knowing this, feels already that by the resurrection his head is broken. Glory be to the Christ of God for this!”

– Charles Spurgeon, Christ’s Glorious Achievements