Gospel Reminder

Here are two quotes that came into my inbox today, and I am thankful. Being in seminary is good, but sometimes I can get so bogged down in the books and overwhelmed by the stress that it helps to have my inbox think to remind me of the truths of the Gospel. I’m also thankful for blogs like Of First Importance, where the second quote comes from. Enjoy! Francis Schaeffer

“ We are standing in a living relationship with a living God, who loves us, and has shown his love for us to such an extent that Jesus died on the cross. Fear falls, and we have the courage to give ourselves for his use without being afraid, when we se we are not giving ourselves in the teeth of an impersonal situation or of a world that hates us, or an inhuman world of men. We are offering ourselves before the God who loves us and he is not a monster but our heavenly Father. He will not leave us in the battle as a soldier discards one piece of military equipment for another, casting it into the mud. God will never deal with us in this way. He will not use us as a weapon without care for the weapon itself. In his hand, not only will we be useful in the battle, but even the blows brought upon us in the battle will bring us closer to himself, because he is infinite and personal and because he loves us.”

– Francis Schaeffer, True Spirituality



“In the stupendous matter of our salvation Christ shall be the Alpha and the Omega. With Him the gospel plan originated- by Him it was revealed- by Him it was executed- and in His undivided glory and endless praise it shall forever terminate. From every tongue in glory, and through the high arches of heaven, the anthem shall peal, ‘Worthy is the Lamb!’

Believer in Christ! Does not your soul pant to join in that song? and does not your spirit exult in the truth that salvation, from first to last, is of God? Oh, how precious is this truth in the consciousness of our many failures and defects!

Our salvation is all in Christ- our righteousness is all in Christ- our merit is all in Christ- our completeness is all in Christ- in Christ our Covenant Head, our Surety and Mediator; and no flaw in our obedience, no defect in our love, no failure in our service, should so cast us down as to shut our eye to our acceptance in the Beloved.

Imperfections we would not overlook, sin we would not allow, disobedience we would not indulge, temptation we would not encourage; nevertheless, we would ever remember, for our encouragement that, in default of perfection in the most perfect of our own doings, we are fully and eternally complete in Jesus.”

– Octavius Winslow, The Sympathy of Christ


3 thoughts on “Gospel Reminder

  1. Great reminders, Chris. Thanks. But now I have to ask (in a smiling and light-hearted way!) what’s a guy who’s getting his MDiv at Covenant doing posting Wellum’s baptism article on his resource page?

    In all seriousness, hang in there, brother. I remember all too well the pressures of seminary days, and even how strange it was at times how you could be surrounded everywhere by the things of God and yet still feel so dry. I’m glad that God is keeping you centered on Christ.

    And when you get a chance, force yourself to just kick back and enjoy some Imo’s and Ted Drews!


  2. Yeah, I think I’m really a closet baptist in a presbyterian body sometimes! I have loved Wellum’s thoughts on the issue of covenant and baptism, and frankly, feel that he makes a pretty compelling argument. I do believe in Covenant Theology, and am a presbyterian through and through (at least, I think I am), but this issue is one that trips me up.

    And yeah, a little R&R is always good in seminary. Are you from St. Louis?Ted Drews we know about, but we haven’t mustered up the courage to try St. Louis style pizza yet. My wife is Croatian, so I’m already spoiled by the best pizza in the world!

    Thad, thanks for the encouragement!


  3. Wellum was probably my favorite prof while I was at SBTS. I’m glad to see that he’s beginning to get more of his stuff published.

    I grew up in Missouri. My wife was born and raised in St. Louis, and after we got married we lived there for a while. Her folks are still there, so if we happen to make it back before you get paroled, perhaps I’ll make a trip to your campus bookstore and look you up. It’s been years since I’ve been in that bookstore, but I remember that they had some great stuff, but it was in a very small room.

    Anyway, I doubt anything could compare to the pizza you’ve had. Besides, I always kind of thought Imo’s was overrated. I much preferred Cecil Whitakers (a small bone of contention between my wife and I).

    Lord bless you, my friend.


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