Waiving our claim – what should we be fighting over?

To anyone who read this blog at all…check out Reggie Kidd’s blog and read his post on Christian internal bickering as “self annhilation,” and how we probably could Frank Miller’s “300″learn alot more from the account of the Spartan stand at Thermopylae, then we may realize. How many times do you think we as church, or denomination, or larger body of Christians, make our fellow brothers and sisters dodge our own firey arrows, and all the while an onslaught of our Enemy’s attacks are heading directly at them?

I know, maybe I’m being too over dramatic, or romanticizing the way things should be – but I have seen too many good, and faithful people in the faith being hit by “friendly fire”, and then get kicked when they’re down. Anyway, here’s a snippet from his post, which is Kidd quoting from Herodotus:

The Athenians waived their claim in the interest of national survival, knowing that a quarrel about the command would certainly mean the destruction of Greece. They were, indeed, perfectly right; for the evil of internal strife is worse than united war in the same proportion as war itself is worse than peace. It was their realization of the danger attendant upon lack of unity which made them waive their claim, and they continued to do so as long as Greece desperately needed their help. (Herodotus, Histories 8.2)


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