Bond, Bourne or Bauer – Which one sleeps with a pillow under his gun?

Daniel Craig as James BondJust ran across a great post on 3 of my favorite “characters” in the world of entertainment. You can check it out here about the 3 JB’s. In his post, Cavman makes a great observation, and asks some really great questions about the nature of our modern day “heroes.” He writes:

Three ‘heroes’ that have captivated audiences. Three very different men reflecting very different eras. Three men driven by different motives. Three men who should cause us to ask questions about ourselves.1. What effect does what I do have on me?2. What effect does what I do have on others?3. Is it all about me, or am I willing to sacrifice for something greater?

Matt Damon as Jason BourneI know this is going to sound silly, but when I leave the movie theatre, or get up from my couch, I find myself admiring each of these “characters” and wanting to be like them. I want to be as smooth as Bond, fierce as Bourne and heroic as Bauer. But, what I often tend to miss is reflecting on what these characters actually make me want to do with my life.When I consider that my life is part of a much larger story than my own, and that God is on a world-wide mission of redemption and restoration, then I can live confidently,Jack Bauer knowing that He is doing something in and through me; I can act fiercely in the world, knowing that He desires all of His creation to reflect His glory; I can live heroically and sacrifice my little “story” for the sake of His greater one.So, which other “heroes” out there cause you to stop and wonder about “something greater” in life? Also, just for fun – which blog heading would have been better:”James Bond, Jason Bourne and Jack Bauer walk into a bar…” or”Bond, Bourne, or Bauer: Which one sleeps with a pillow under his gun?”


One thought on “Bond, Bourne or Bauer – Which one sleeps with a pillow under his gun?

  1. There are theories that Jack Bauer’s name and mind-set are heavily influenced by British philosopher Jeremy Bentham, which can also be the case for James Bond and Jason Bourne who all share initials, as well as values.


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