Gospel Centered Life

I came across this great post on preaching the gospel to yourself over at David Fairchild’s blog. These are some great diagnostic questions to ask myself in working to bring my life more into alignment with the Gospel. I think this is exceptionally helpful, and just wanted to share. Here’s the link to his blog.

Like alot of people, I have found Tim Keller’s preaching helpful in connecting the role of preaching the gospel to myself, but sometimes I find myself needing a little more help in connecting the dots in my daily life.  This list seems to be a good tool to use to help facilitate that process on a daily or weekly basis.  Here are a couple that really stood out to me:

  • What one criticism would cause me to respond in anger (wife, children, work, ministry, family, friends, etc.)? What am I most touchy about when brought to my attention?
  • Whose opinion of me do I hold so dear that if lost I would be undone?
  • What do I rely on or comfort myself with when things go bad or get difficult?

Over the course of this year, I have come up with one that has helped me process my own thoughts, feelings and behavior:  Who or What has the power to make me have a good or bad day?  This question, as well as the list that David has posted, is meant to be used as a tool to excavate my “Functional Savior,” and not just to be another list of something(s) to do to make ourselves more accepted than we already are.


One thought on “Gospel Centered Life

  1. Few people can teach the gospel to believers better than Tim Keller. I’m glad I came across your blog – looks great, and thanks for the link. This blog deserves a link back. Peace.


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