Baptism Conversations

piper-788989.jpgWell, it seems that this is becoming and interesting conversation to have and read up on in the world of blogs. It seems that everyone is at least mentioning it. Since this has been something I’ve been in process on, I figured I’d quote a great comment, and then reference some of the good interactions being had right now. This is from Abraham Piper (not pictured) over at Desiring God blog:

What does this mean for those who are wrong about baptism? It means just that—they’re wrong. But being wrong and being an unrepentant sinner are not the same. If they were, everybody with an imperfect theology (all of us) would be lost…Unless we are willing to say that paedobaptists [My remarks – or creedobaptists for that matter] are probably going to hell, then they are—according to Christ—already members in our fellowship, his church. What’s left for us is to acknowledge this. And then to trust Jesus to show himself to his one bride.

Here are the rest of the links, enjoy! Would love to hear what you all have to say on this.

Justin Taylor has “Grudem’s Change of Mind Regarding Differences on Baptism Within a Local Church” at Between Two Worlds

John Piper’s response to his friend Wayne Grudem at Desiring God blog.

Ligon Duncan chiming in on “Why Presbyterians Baptize Believer’s and Their Children” at Reformation 21 blog.

Mark Dever on the Piper/Grudem Baptism Exchange at 9 Marks.

A very interesting and thoughtful post by Abraham Piper (who I quoted above) over at Desiring God blog.



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