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I just read about this ministry which focuses on adoption services. The guy’s Dan Cruver and Familyname is Dan Cruver and you can check out his site at Eucatrastophe. Much thanks to Steve McCoy (Reformissionary) for drawing attention to this. I want to do my little part and also bring more thought and attention to the matter of adoption.


My wife and I too have considered adoption for our family. We have two great children of our own, and want to have more when we finish seminary. But there is something beautifully redemptive about bringing someone who is “outside” into your family and loving them and treating them as your own.


There is a family we know who when both of their sons were in high school adopted 4 brothers from Latvia (not pictured). Their plan was to only adopt 3, but when they went over there to complete the process they discovered that there was really a 4th brother, which had not been known before. This family decided to keep the brothers together and instead of coming home with 3 new family members, they welcomed 4 into their home and their lives. I grew up watching these boys grow up and over the years, they have learned what it is to love and to be loved because of the love and grace that was shown to them by this family. Recently, one of these boys has passed away in a tragic accident. Our thoughts and prayers have been with this family ever since. It was more than physical means or protection that this family passed on to these 4 brothers; they celebrated life together and mourned death together as a natural family would.


This has been a radical picture in my mind of just what the Gospel is and what if can do; restore the broken “nouns” of the world – people, places and things!


For more thoughts on adoption, check out Anthony Bradley’s blog on it, Orphans vs. The American Dream.

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3 thoughts on “Kingdom Work

  1. Dan Cruver will be writing about adoption — theological and earthly — at Carolina Hope Christian Adoption Agency’s blog, From Hope to Reality. I’ve been working with him on the project, and I encourage everyone to check it out.

    Josh Jensen


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