Killer band man…

For all you true music fans out there, I have a bit of great news! I have found a web archive of a bunch of live concerts. On there, they have several gigs from one of my all time favorite bands – Jackopierce!

If you have never heard of these guys before, do yourself a favor – go to the link ( and download any concert from 1997 and be prepared to enjoy some good music from a great band!

The first (and only) time I saw them was at the 40 Watt Clubb in Athens, GA, and it was packed. The only other time I’ve seen that place that crowded was when John Mayer was playing there just before he signed on his big record deal. These guys made it by playing good music to college town crowds, and they built up quite a folowing. Unfortunately, they broke it off soon after 1997 and have only recently gotten back together to play a few more gigs here and there. These guys are worth checking out – at least online – and if you can ever see them play live, you should do it!

Jackopierce rocks! Here’s a website where you can find out more about the band Jackopierce, as well as some of the solo projects of Cary Pierce!